Leadership Development

No more falling on deaf ears. Change behaviours.

Retention rates for formal learning can be as low as 10% when topics aren’t essential and people are left to their own devices. Will-power is finite, so create the conditions for people leaders to form new habits.


When was the last time you had a nutritious meal at a buffet? First, figure out the vital few topics that managers need to master.

Espresso delivery.

Keep training practical and short, and space it out. Managers won’t feel overloaded and they will have time to practise.


On average, it takes people 66 days to learn new habits. Send managers eight weekly nudges to apply a piece of what they’ve learned.

Spicy coaching.

Support your managers and hold them accountable. Coaching with a jalapeño flavour gets them to sit up and take action.

Role model.

Employees take their cues from senior leaders, so encourage your leaders to be the first to learn, or brush up on, new skills.



Middle Eastern conglomerate can’t stand still

This company is stretching every sinew to change behaviours at scale.

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