Middle Eastern conglomerate can’t stand still

Changing behaviours at scale

This company has launched a multi-module leadership development programme for thousands of managers across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The programme content was designed on the basis of:

  • the company’s strategy to have a highly engaged, customer-centric workforce to keep them ahead of competitors
  • three years of employee survey data
  • feedback from more than 300 managers.

Months after an initial pilot, managers have been using 70% of the training content, on average. For the global roll-out, the company has left no stone unturned to increase the chances of behavioural change.

  1. To kick-start role modelling, the company’s top 300 leaders went through a double espresso version of the first module. They all agreed to do less telling and more coaching.
  2. Internal L&D specialists have been certified to roll out the espresso modules to managers.
  3. HR business partners have been equipped to coach and hold managers accountable for applying their new skills.
  4. Weekly nudges are sent to managers after each module, reminding them to put into practice a piece of what they learned.
  5. Progress will be monitored through the company’s employee survey and customer feedback.

Watch this space.


What people are saying

“This type of training is like nothing we’ve had before. I’ve always been a believer in short, simple and crisp. What you’ve done now is you’ve stapled it into a path that I should take.”

Trainer, Dubai

“Finally, I can relate and believe in a program that we can utilize well in line with our business priorities and associated people needs. It’s relevant, well thought, to the point and achievable.”

HR Business Partner, Dubai

“Motivated to improve my leadership style in order to develop my team, to support them better, to be an example and to have fun.”

Manager, Dubai


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