About us

What we’ve learned

Great employers have great HR. Get this right and companies radiate; when HR becomes a chore, energy drains. We’ve found that the most effective HR functions do three things – they:


Hold leaders’ feet to the fire.

Cultures develop on the basis of what people see and experience. Leaders of great workplaces don’t just talk about what they expect, they model it and make people want to be part of an exciting future.


Help managers grow.

Good managers are the glue that holds organisations together. The best HR professionals develop, coach and hold managers accountable.


Build employees’ confidence.

Companies need employees to take charge. Through leaders and managers, HR helps employees to speak up, use their judgement and grow.

About us

How we work

Infectious, boundless energy.

Re-energising an organisation so people feel connected and inspired takes a special kind of different. Our approach is:

Fresh – we fire up essential people processes.

Real – we walk in our clients’ shoes.

Human – we care deeply about our work, clients, and each other.