Performance Management

No more pointless annual reviews. Build a coaching culture.

Minimise the time you spend judging your people. Instead, go back to basics. Ask: What do my people need to grow and achieve peak performance? Put the heart back into performance management. It starts with great conversations.

Personal vs process.

Figure out what makes each of your team members tick and where their potential lies. They need to know that they matter.

Purpose-driven vs aimless.

People want to know how they contribute to the big picture. Working with purpose is involving and gets the creative juices flowing.

Honest vs evasive.

Holding back or watering down feedback is cruel. To improve, people need to know where they stand. At the same time, there’s an art to giving feedback.

Affirming vs deflating.

Great performance management inspires. People should leave a performance discussion with renewed enthusiasm and clarity.

Frequent vs sporadic.

It’s a fast-paced world. Feedback, praise and coaching are best served warm.

In practice


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