No more square pegs in round holes. Hire for potential - and watch diversity flourish.

Most people feel they have a knack for weighing people up, but gut feeling is a poor predictor of future success. It’s also particularly susceptible to bias, unconscious or otherwise.

Discover the attributes people need to succeed now and in the future, and hire for these characteristics in a consistent, structured way. Then protect your hiring process: put in place structural solutions to minimise hiring biases and raise manager awareness. Both productivity and diversity in your organisation will thrive as a result.



Screen for fit.

Your company culture will not be to everybody’s taste. We build hiring screeners to identify people who will suit and strengthen the environment you want to create. The best bit: robust screeners don’t sort for demographics.

Hire for potential.

A CV will tell you where a candidate has come from, but not necessarily where they could go. We show your recruiters and managers how to identify potential and how to access a wider pool of recruits. We also remind them that background has no bearing on a candidate’s talent.

Value diversity.

Study after study shows that diverse teams outperform teams that don’t mix up genders, races and thinking styles. We teach your managers practical ways to filter their biases when making hiring decisions, and help you to implement organisation-wide safety nets.



FTSE 100 company overhauls how managers hire

Attributes not demographics distinguish the best team members at this company.

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